Why we need gaming tutorials

However boring and asinine some game tutorials may be, it’s in crazy times like the ones we live in that make me wish life had a tutorial section (if only so I could know what exactly I’m supposed to be doing and how in the hell I should go about getting there).


5 things we need more (or less) of in video games

Finding flaws in a video game is ten times easier than picking out the things you actually like. And while I’m not advocating for cherry-picking – because if a game is awful it’s just awful and no amount of sugar-coating can fix that – I do think it’s a good idea to focus on what we, as gamers, do like about games rather than constantly moaning about what we don’t.

Video game soundtracks: Music for a new generation

Despite my numerous futile attempts to learn music (including one embarrassing moment where I simply pressed a bunch of keys in elementary school hoping my teacher would think it sounded good enough to call music), music remains an ethereal, abstract concept that influences me only when I’m plugged into Spotify or running around a game map trying desperately to ignore the battle music and the enemy that comes with it.