Recommended Readings

This is the dumping ground for all the cool articles I reference in my blog post and some of the original sources I used in my original PIT journal article. For those who want to learn more about sexism in gaming and those who love Lara Croft as much as I do, read on.

NOTE: This is a living list of recommendations and other articles. More will be added, some will be removed, and descriptions will be updated as I continue to live, learn, and love all things feminism and gaming.

If you have any sources you want to add or any suggested articles, videos, infographics, what-have-you, send me an email and I’ll check it out!

do it for her with lara

IGN Presents: The History of Tomb Raider ~ For a history on all things “Tomb Raider” courtesy of IGN.

The Gaming Industry’s Greatest Adversary is Just Getting Started ~ A “Bloomberg Businessweek” article on Anita Sarkeesian and how this awesome goddess is changing the world, one video game at a time.

A Pedestal, A Table, A Love Letter: Archaeologies of Gender in Videogame History ~A “Game Studies” article that takes an archaeological look at gender and feminism in the early days of gaming.

No Girls Allowed ~ For a wonderful history of marketing techniques used to shape gender stereotypes in gaming with pictures from Vox Media’s “Polygon” blog.

‘Tomb Raider’: Lara Croft now battling video game stereotypes ~ Epic 2013 “Tomb Raider” review from the “LA Times” and their pop culture blog “Hero Complex.”

“Take That, Bitches!” Refiguring Lara Croft in Feminist Game Narratives ~ Another “Game Studies” article that analyzes the history of Lara Croft and how she fits into the grand scheme of feminist narratives.

User interface design in video games ~ A brief guide to the different kind of UI displays by Anthony Stonehouse from “Gamasatura.” He reviews the four types of game UI designs complete with in-game screenshots that help explain his technical definitions.

Game UI By Example: A Crash Course in the Good and the Bad ~ Desi Quintans takes a more comprehensive look at some of the design elements between various UI displays on from “Fallout” to “Oblivion” to “Far Cry 3.”