Why Wonder Woman should have her own video game

If Lara Croft can make a comeback in the video game industry as a champion of female representation why can’t Wonder Woman?


For all that I’m a hardcore Marvel fan, DC has some of the most recognizable superheroes in existence.

Superman is the quintessential good guy with a heart of gold.Batman has become the model for superhero with a tragic backstory, the bad-cop foil to Superman’s patently good-cop behavior.

And Wonder Woman is the embodiment of female beauty, brains and badassery.

Which is why I think she should have her own video game.


Source: Nerdist.com

All the aspects of a good game – excellent story, depth of character, engaging gameplay mechanics, beautiful graphics, etc. – exist within the story of Diana of Themiscyra. And if designers base their story on the new Rebirth arc by Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark, and Liam Sharp, the story potential may result in a new iconic incarnation of Wonder Woman that could forever influence the story of her character.

Not to put the cart ahead of the horse or anything, but I think Rocksteady would do a great job of designing and producing a Wonder Woman game befitting a new generation of female-friendly gamers.

Despite my grievances with the 2015 release of “Batman: Arkham Knight,” I think Rocksteady has proven their commitment to bringing the DC universe to life with their Arkham trilogy.

So why not branch out a little, play around with bringing the most powerful feminist icon other than Rosie the Riveter and Beyonce to consoles across the world?

Production of a Wonder Woman title would also give them a chance to correct the misogynistic mistakes of “Arkham Knight.”

another badass diana.jpg

Source: Hollywoodreporter.com

No other female superhero has endured the test of time quite like Wonder Woman.

Since her first appearance in Sensation Comics #8 in 1941, Wonder Woman has been a symbol of female empowerment for generations. Despite a brief stint in the sixties as a powerless glorified spy, she has endured as a beacon of hope for women throughout history, fighting for love, justice, and gender equality.

She fights for brilliant ideals, for love, equality and justice. She embodies all the potential of the female spirit, all the love and hate and hopes and dreams of the pure, unfiltered female soul.

She inspires at every turn, kicking ass and taking names while wearing a sexy superhero costume that empowers more than it demeans.

Her confidence is legend and something all girls should aspire to whether you’re actually taking out bad guys left and right or just working hard every day to play video games on the weekends.

Giving Wonder Woman a video game would give her another avenue of influence in the age of super-masculine superheroes and video game protagonists.

Not only is more female representation something gamers need, it’s something we deserve.

We’ve seen enough of the scruffy white dude with a sad past and a hard heart mowing down everyone in his path on a quest for guts, gold and glory. We’ve suffered through enough man pain, usually caused by the death of a wife, or mother, or girlfriend at the hand of an enemy.

And we’ve definitely had enough vacuous first-person shooters championed by macho manly men with skinny waifs at their sides.

Diana Prince as Wonder Woman deserves to have a video game just as much as Bruce Wayne as Batman does, as much as any male protagonist does. With Rocksteady wrapping up the Arkham trilogy, I think they should look to Batman’s DC ally for inspiration in their next project.

Not only is a Wonder Woman game something we need, it’s something we deserve.

Whether we realize it or not.

So game on, my wondrous Wonder Women, and let the power of Lara Croft be with you.

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